Occupied’s Blair Renaud Speaks @ SVVR 2014

By May 20, 2014 December 19th, 2015 Panel Talks, Technolust

Occupied’s Blair Renaud was invited to Speak on two Panels at SVVR 2014 in Silicon Valley.

The 1st Panel: Indie VR Game Developer Roundtable was an open discussion with leading developers in the VR space discussing anything and everything around developing for virtual reality.What does your VR game development workflow look like?
Does it differ from your standard workflow?
What tools/functions are on your SDK/Engine wishlist?
What are the wins and challenges dealing with Unity for VR development? UDK/Unreal? Would you consider switching engines?
How are you managing relationships with big players in the game space, i.e. Oculus, Sony?
What about the android market?
Funding options and distribution channels for VR Games (Steam/Share/Riftenabled/Reddit/Forums)


Panel Members:

Justin Moravetz, Proton Pulse
Sean Edwards, Lunar Flight (Lucid VR/Shovsoft)
Aaron Lemke, Eden River (Unello Design)
James Andrew, Rift Wars (PixelRouter)
Blair Renaud, Technolust (IRIS VR)
Denny Unger, The Gallery: Six Elements (Cloudhead Games)

Moderator: Cymatic Bruce


The 2nd Panel: Kickstarting the next VR Revolution
A panel discussion talking about their experiences in Crowdfunding their VR projects.

What makes for a successful campaign?
What are the pitfalls?
Can a faltering campaign be rescued?

Panel Members:

Ben Lang, Road to VR
William Provancher, Tactical Haptics
Blair Renaud, Technolust (Iris V.R.)
James Blaha, Apollo VR

Moderator: Simon Solotko, All Future Parties

SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) is a community-focused organization dedicated to advancing the virtual reality ecosystem. Our core audience is comprised of developers, content creators, entrepreneurs and investors working to build the emerging VR industry.


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