Technolust and Cronenberg’s Mind/Body/Change @ Fantasia 2016

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Occupied’s Technolust and Cronenberg’s VR project @ Fantasia International Film Festival!

Based in Montreal, Fantasia is a genre film festival in its 20th year that attracts a legion of film fans and industry professionals from across the globe. Whether independently envisioned or produced with mainstream in mind, the events surprising annual growth of spectators is due to the cool screenings and novel programming.

A film hub known to break barriers has paved the way for the J-horror craze in the west, classics like Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ring’ was acquired by Dreamworks after its 1999 premiere at FIFF. Screenings with absurdists leanings tend to find home at this event— such as veteran comic Minoru Kawasaki ’s ‘Kaiju Mono’, a ridiculously funny story about a prehistoric giant monster named Mono resurrected to wreak havoc on all. As well, a program that never shies away from the bizarre, it gives stage to artist such as spoken-word performer Grady Hendrix in ‘Summerland Lost: A Ghost Story In Progress’, a one-man show about psychic teenagers and their true tales on channelling biomechanical sex cults or Arctic explorers.

So, it was no surprise having the extraordinary VR experience back for its second year. A space presented as The Samsung Virtual Reality Experience, for both international and local VR talent, was made possible by CFC Media Lab, Cream Productions and Woolf + Lapin. As part of the Canadian Genre-VR film series, cinephiles were given the opportunity to view Technolust, the dark cyberpunk VR narrative and Cronenberg’s VR Teaser, an immersion into the Canadian director’s world, Videodrome style.


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