Fezz Stenton And 1188 Films Slays @ MMVA’s

By June 18, 2017 October 21st, 2017 zOccupied

We would like to give a loud shout-out to the crew at 1188 Films and Occupied’s Fezz Stenton for taking home Best Post Production for the music video “Seeing Double” by Sleepy Tom ft. Tonye and Best Much Fact Video for “River Tiber” by Acid Test at the MMVA’s!


CG Director Stenton teamed-up with Director Grandson & Son, Cinematographer George Vale and 1188 Films to create “Seeing Double”, a visually striking music video.


Occupied collaborated with Co-Directors Grandson & Son and Tommy Paxton-Beesley to make this synth-out, R&B music video a CG reality.