Fort Mac: After The Fire 360°

By May 28, 2017 June 23rd, 2019 360 Video, News + Press, zOccupied

Supported by Telus, Vice and Occupied spin a 360° version of the lives shaken after the wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

When a fire broke out on May 1st 2016, the residents, being surrounded by a Boreal backdrop, showed complacency as they were used to forest fires burning in the distant. It wasn’t a couple of days later, when the fire blazed out of control, that officials called for a city-wide emergency evacuation.

The doomsday scene seemed to be pulled straight out a movie, where miles of fire persistently roared, falling embers lit a darkened, smoked-filled sky and vehicles jammed on the only road out of dodge. But despite destruction so large in scope and size, with the smoke visible from space, there were no casualties. Much of the residents safely bounced out of the area on time. However, it would be weeks later for some–even months for others, depending on place of residency—before city officials would call for safe entrance again.

This stereoscopic piece gives you a visual account of the historical event that transformed the thriving city of Fort McMucrray into a grey and ashen site, and the personal stories told by those who’ve returned from exodus.

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