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J Lee Interview with Mettle on ‘Love Again’ Production

By December 1, 2017 No Comments

On the recent production of the ‘Love Again’ music video for Canadian pop group, Hedley, production value was added to the video using 3rd party applications such as Mantra VR.  Creative Director J Lee Williams recently spoke with Mettle on adapting a 2D concept and recreating it in VR, as well as other insights that went into the production of the music video.

“We decided to not stray too far away from their original idea, but instead use it as a challenge, to see if we could keep translating the creative concepts into a 360° video. The biggest challenge however was that we only had four weeks to go from pre-production to the delivery of a final video. Already knowing the power of the Mettle toolset, it allowed me to approach the video with a lot of understanding of what I could accomplish in Post with a two week Post window.” –  J Lee

Click HERE for the full interview


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