Occupied Hits Seoul For MMCA VR Art Exhibition

By August 7, 2017 November 21st, 2017 zOccupied

From a well-developed and highly comprehensive transportation system to a thirst for broad-band speed and the latest gadgets, Seoul is considered one of the tech mecca’s of the world. It is after all home to assembly giants like Samsung and Hyundai. But don’t get it twisted, though the megacity is punctured by looming cloud-scrapers, Seoulites are very much grounded by a rich culture and ancient traditions. This can be seen in the beautiful, revered temples, palaces, and traditional markets bustling when the sun goes down. Most share a common passion for food, fashion and the arts, evident in the plethora of dining options, shopping arena’s and massive cultural art centers. So, it’s no surprise that their appetite for innovation and pride in culture has motivated them to combine VR with the art field.


Within the Film and Video sector, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art creates a space for Virtual Reality called “The History of Visual Magic in Technology.” An exhibition which explores historical and aesthetic transformations in cinematography in conjunction with developments of new technology. A strong focus was given to the potentials of visual tiers of creation and it’s evolution through the innovative tech of VR.


In order to experience a broad scope of the evolving format different genres such as documentary, animation and sci fi were used. J.Lee Williams, along with Ana Serrano and Galen Scorer, presents works chosen from The Canadian Film Centre and the CFC Media Lab.

Works Exhibited:

1) Small Wonders: The VR Experience

2) Invisible world: The VR Experience

3)Cronenberg’s Body Mind Change Redux Teaser

An immersion into the science fiction horror flick, Videodrome by Canadian Director David Cronenberg.

As an added feature, Serrano, J.Lee and Scorer gave their thoughts in a lecture called “New in Cinematic Imaginary” in VR, which explored how VR brings cinema, production, technology, and art to a new frontier.


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