Occupied @ Monster Truck Spectacular

By April 8, 2017 June 25th, 2017 360 Video, Samsung Gear VR

Occupied and Samsung gets unparalleled access in the action-packed, high-decibel Monster Truck Spectacular event at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada.

The 3-day shoot include pre-event takes which catches stunt devil motorists during practice. An amazing immersive experience giving you the surge of energy felt while mounted on a bike that twists, turns and spins at high speed, performs extraordinary tricks and pulls off gravity-defying feats.

Certainly, adrenaline was at an ultimate high during the day of the event with mammoth-sized trucks accomplishing back-flips, flexing their goliath strength in the demolition obstacle courses to executing destructive face-to-face duels! It was every Occupied man for himself. But to avoid any real casualties, we used a customized miniature monster truck—strapped with it’s own eyes to capture the ferocious intensity inside the arena enclosing 12 Monster Trucks like BIGFOOT and BLACK STALLION. The observer is given a 360° worms eye view of the crushing power of on-coming, oversized tires weighing at 10,000 Ibs!

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