Pick A Piper’s “Still Awake” VR Music Video is Launched on VICE’s Creators Project

By February 23, 2017 June 23rd, 2019 360 Video, Samsung Gear VR

Released by Creators, Director/Animator Fezz Stenton takes you on a somnambulist walk in this meditative and ghostly VR music video, “Still Awake” by Pick A Piper, a Toronto-based collaborative by Brad Weber.

Inspired by sleep paralysis, and loss of control, “Still Awake,” the first song on Weber’s Distance album, Stenton creates a dreamer’s abstract account between different stages of sleep, the disturbances and the inert mania that accompany the phenomenon.

A weightless, anxious-ridden reverie—characterized by glitchy visuals, turns into a dreamer’s final surrender. A look and overall style made possible by Stenton’s use of practical projection mapping techniques inside a game engine.

Also available on Samsung VR.

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