Technolust is Saving Us From Terrible VR Before it’s Even Arrived!

By July 3, 2014 December 19th, 2015 Oculus Rift, Press, Technolust

The entertainment biz is overflowing with examples of technology that fell pointedly short of their predicted mark on humanity. Smell-O-Vision, Quadraphonic sound, “Duo-Vision” and even early 3D didn’t revolutionize our quest to entertain ourselves. They’ve remained in a graveyard of footnotes and a gimmicks.

The longest lasting of these tech tchotchkes, 3D films, are the biggest analog to the upcoming VR revolution coming for gaming. Both long-imperfect technologies finally hit it big, after decades of failure, to re-capture the imagination of pop culture.

As moviegoers learned, we should be wary.

From incomprehensible action set pieces full of transforming robots, needless gimmicks, and over-inflated admissions, I can’t remember the last time I tried to convince someone to see a 3D movie without the caveats of “it’s also being shown in 2D” or “the 3D is actually kinda well-done.”

3D films, it turns out, are on the downturn. Since 2008, when 3D movies took in 73% of box-office receipts, attendance has slowed to the point where they’re estimated to account for just over a third of moviegoers’ dollars this year. Analysts don’t see the trend changing any time soon. Maybe we’re finally getting some respite from $20 movie tickets.

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