VICE’s Motherboard Releases Power 360

By May 2, 2017 January 22nd, 2019 360 Video

Take an exclusive tour —sans the threat of radio-active contamination—with Motherboard and Occupied at three of Ontario’s nuclear energy plants in this six episode VR documentary.

It’s a visit which takes you to the mother of all nuclear plants—Darlington; the oldest and soon-to-shutdown Pickering Plant; and Kincardine—a nuclear waste site equipped with incinerations and mammoth-size, concrete vaults, temporary storage units for radio-active waste with exponential shelf life. Each highly sophisticated, colossal-size facility gives visitors a rare look into the controlled systems where hazardous chemicals are produced and converted by powerful machines, running 24hrs a day to deliver energy to millions in the city of Toronto.

Viewers are also introduced to the surrounding residential neighborhoods, pulled at different ends of complacency and conflict—people who have grown accustom to emergency sirens or those who picket against nuclear operations.

It’s an immersive series giving insight on the methods of chemical waste, safety features in the event of catastrophe—after the Fukushima disaster, anti-radio active pills were implemented and mailed to Pickering residents; as well as the controversy and challenges of storing toxic waste, its unstable conditions and whether nuclear power is ultimately the better solution to the city’s environmental health.

All six episodes available to view here.

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