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Awards & Mentions
  • Berlinale Film Festival 2019
  • Photogrammetry
  • Story + Planning
  • 4 min VR Experience

Golden Glove VR

Attempt to escape the wrath of Fritz Honka from within photo-realistic recreations of environments pulled directly from the film. Using cutting edge scanning technology, actual sets and props are brought into the virtual realm, allowing the user to interact and explore. Enter the nightmare world of one of Hamburg’s most infamous serial killers, Fritz Honka; in this virtual reality experience in support of the new film by Fatih Akin, Der Goldene Handschuh.

Return to the summer of 1975; the time and space when notorious serial killer Fritz Honka prowled the streets of Hamburg, Germany. Designed as an immersive narrative experience in support of Fatih Akin’s latest film “Der Goldene Handschuh”, the experience puts you dead-center in the path of Fritz Honka. Interact with your surroundings as you attempt to escape his bone-chilling apartment, and uncover the events at Zum Goldenen Handschuh that led you to this fateful moment.

In order to create this experience, Occupied VR has scanned the film’s sets and props in stunningly meticulous detail down to the virtual millimeter. Over 27,000 individual photographs are used in this experience to immerse users in a photorealistic rebuilding of Fritz Honka’s apartment and the legendary Hamburg bar, Zum Goldenen Handschuh. Using these ultra-real environments, the experience aims to cultivate a wide range of visceral reactions in its users.


Golden Glove VR Trailer