Lightcatcher is an odyssey that revolves around the earth and its people in the year 2150. This 4-part 3D virtual reality adventure showcases the fragile beauty of this planet, and a people’s choice to stay, or leave it behind. Some have chosen to travel up and others down, but the surface of earth is no longer ours. Get lost with 5 adventurers as they travel through unique environments, enduring hardships and triumphs in the new world. Explore subterranean caves, soar in zero gravity and grapple sky high canyon walls. Lightcatcher is a young adult adventure saga that brings you on a journey that combines elements of adventure, romance and sci-fi. Lightcatcher is designed as a virtual reality franchise that will captivate a new generation of fans.

Occupied VR, RSA, Samsung VR


+ 4 Part VR Series
+ Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival Filmmakers Lounge @ Spring Place, NYC on April 21st, 2018

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