Occupied joins Telus to catch some swells in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada’s surf spot and destination.

We get up close and personal with Rip Curl’s pro surfers Noah Cohen and Hanna Scott as they ride the sublime tides, and brief us on the surfer lifestyle. Paddle out to get a first-hand look at the skills involved with classic moves like front-side carves or tricks such as the speedy frontside airs and gravity-defying alley-oops—an aerial 360° maneuver inspired by skateboarding, with a smooth landing back on your board.

Rip Curl is a 360° immersive video allowing you to get on deck, witness the connection between water and surfer, and feel the momentum of the ocean as it approaches, hovers and breaks.

Occupied VR, Telus

Pro Surfers Hanna Scott & Noah Cohen