The Holy City is an innovative immersive and gamified VR experience of one of the world’s spiritual epicenters. The project reflects an innovation mindset, harnessing cutting edge technology and creating a platform that carries a unique opportunity to understand a new perspective.

The interactive experience will be utilized as an educational, exploratory, and interactive experience rich in narrative and cultural history. Users will be transported to an ancient land to explore historic sites, interact with locals, and gain a deep understanding of a foreign culture.

The historical and culturally driven learning experience will make the viewer feel like they are traveling across the world to a foreign land, seizing an immersive cultural experience of a lifetime. This rich immersion will help celebrate diversity rooted in culture, fostering an inclusive sense of community that you will have to see to believe.


Interactive environments are all 3D scanned replicas of the historic locations
+ Using a hybrid approach of 360 and Room-scale interactivity
+ Exclusive Interviews with key religious figures from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in Jerusalem

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