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a 360˚ brand activation or

fully immersive VR experience

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What is Virtual Reality or VR?  VR is a digital environment experienced through sensory stimuli (sights and sounds) presented by a computer where one’s actions can influence in the environment. We like to think of it as an incredible sensory experience that can take you on a journey beyond what is possible in the 2D world-but we do more than just VR. Below is our full list of services.

Virtual Reality

+ Live Action
+ Games
+ Cinematic VR
+ Virtual Commerce


+ Photogrammetry
+ Videogrammetry
+ Environment Scanning
+ Digital Humans

Film + 360

Interactive Documentaries
+ 360˚ Video & Audio
+ 360˚ Virtual Tours
+ 360˚ Camera Development


+ Live Event/Concert Visuals
+ Live 360
+ Live Event Activations

Augmented Reality

+ Projection Mapping
+ Holograms
+ Apps & Games

Brand Experience

+ Brand Marketing
+ Brand Activations
+ Brand AR



VR gaming development is advancing at super speed and a new wave of experiential and interactive hardware will sweep away 2D gaming platforms in the coming months. Our integration of hand controllers, eye tracking, interactive AI character design and high-performance frame rates across multiple gaming platforms, puts Occupied VR at the forefront of this new frontier.


Occupied’s custom V-Commerce pipeline is an exciting new approach to online shopping. Retailers can custom design/brand a virtual store that acts as an extension of their online platforms. Customers can interact with their purchasing experience, write reviews, and engage with the online community while retailers can service thousands of customers simultaneously.

This technology can also be applied to augmented reality, allowing the buyer to see how products would appear within their personal space. Occupied’s pipeline addresses all issues, providing a fully customizable, safe and secure purchasing environment for online virtual transactions.


Despite VR being a new cinematic medium, the principles of storytelling remain the same. Occupied VR draws from it‘s vast filmmaking experience to apply and maintain emphasis on storytelling and character development; using VR to bridge traditional filmic values with the new language of Virtual Reality.

FILM + 360

360˚ VIDEO

Our 360˚video pipeline specializes in an ultra-surreal stereoscopic 360˚ experience. Combining 360˚ videos with real-time graphics overlays and 3D elements or 360˚ live streaming enhances the user experience, capturing live action like never before.

360˚ AUDIO

We use 360˚and binaural audio capture, mixing, and mastering that allows the viewer to hear in virtual reality as they do in real life. Real­time synthesis and effects processing transforms music and audio in VR. Head tracked audio allows the viewer to hear sounds move and bounce as they travel through the VR world. The 3D soundscape can be custom designed and scored for any VR experience using a mixture of analog and digital techniques.


Virtual tours are an emerging best practice for online businesses. Our sophisticated scanning technology connects customers to the product in exciting and engaging new ways. In partnership with NIKE, Occupied scanned the Air Jordan store in a campaign aimed to promote the grand opening of their Toronto flagship store.

Store - Air Jordan Commercial


Developed with Better Corners, the Jonny 6 mobile camera rig allows the camera operator to control the movement of the camera as well as provide talkback while also streaming live-stitch transmitted wirelessly to an off-camera HMD.

By utilizing our custom monoscopic and stereoscopic hardware, content is created with unprecedented resolution equipped to satisfy any approach. Using live stitching and both, in-rift and on-screen preview, Occupied ‘s rigs use drones, Steadicams, and gimbles to create freedom of movement within the universe of VR. High-resolution 13K raw data allows content to scale up as HMD ‘s improve in resolution.

Jonny6 camera rig


Augmented Reality is the logical expansion of Virtual Reality. While VR transports the audience to another world, AR alters your real-world surroundings, integrating objects and interactivity into the collective experience. Applications of AR include animating building facades, public spaces, and live events, as well providing custom apps built to delight the audience.


As mobile HMDs enter the marketplace, viewing streaming and downloadable content for Youtube 360, Samsung’s GearVR and it’s dedicated Milk VR app become as easy as the click of a button. Occupied VR develops VR apps for all the virtual stores, and can create custom experiences for brand marketing or games using viewing environments for 3D and even 2D video content. Download Graffiti VR, a 360˚app created for google cardboard.



Photo scanning/Photogrammetry technology creates hyper-realistic 3D replicas of any subject. Using a custom rig of 124 cameras; the detail of the photorealistic model is unparalleled. These models are game engine ready and can be animated using real-time 3D facial scans and full body motion tracking. Occupied’s approach to photogrammetry enables us to recreate any person, place, or thing in a virtual space. These assets can be used in a wide variety of immersive content, including interactive VR/AR experiences, games, apps, V-commerce, or experiential learning.

Water Buffalo Skull - Living With Jaguars


Photo scanning / Photogrammetry technology creates hyper ­realistic 3D replicas of any subject. Using a custom rig of 128 cameras; the detail of the photorealistic
 model is unparalleled. These models are game engine ready and can be animated using real ­time 3D puppetry facial scans and full body motion tracking. Over the past 2 years, we have been working with several companies to create our Digital Human Studio.



Live augmented stage visuals provide an immersive and memorable concert experience. A/R imagery is accessible on a variety of devices and platforms.

Electric Island 2017 photo by ALEC DONNELL LUNA of DED AGENCY

LIVE 360

Live-streaming provides an unparalleled immersive viewing experience that retains the magic of a live performance. With 360 ̊ live streams, audiences from around the world gain access to exclusive vantage points of any event– experiencing the spectacle as it unfolds in real time. Viewing methods for live stream span from platform driven immersive VR headsets to Youtube360 on any mobile device or PC. This end-to-end integration allows the host to collect detailed real-time analytics that can drastically influence their audience engagement.


VR headsets at live events are sure to draw a crowd. Occupied is equipped with the full vertical to execute a branded virtual experience from content creation to installation, to activation.

We have executed successful activations for numerous clients, including THE SOURCE, Mural Fest, Bestival, and Field Trip Festival and the New York/Los Angeles Kuso movie premieres.



We pride ourselves in bringing the clients dreams to virtual reality. Whether it be a virtual store, sponsored events,  on-site interactive, apps + games, or a full immersive experience, our team can realize any vision.


Occupied’s in-house team has been developing new ways to utilize AR technology for increased audience engagement.

Applications of AR engagement span from animating public spaces and events, to enhancing branded app content, to enriching online or print campaigns. Each of these applications has the ability to prompt audiences to share their experience with their online communities. Audience members share their POV of concerts in a way that communicates their own unique perspective to their social community. This one-to-many engagement is paramount for the user who “does it for the gram” and is equally as beneficial for those who sponsor, promote, and host events.


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